Integrative Yoga Therapy

differs from yoga in that it is focused on the individual student and their needs. It does not ask the student to conform to what is being taught in a class. This allows students of all levels the opportunity for personal growth through their journey to well-being.  It provides an experiential approach to healing utilizing all the tools of yoga:

Yoga Nidra

From a yoga therapy perspective, physical issues are often symptomatic of something that originated at a deeper level in our being and is now trying to get our attention. Even our beliefs about who we are, what our place is in this world, how we fit in, if we are following our dreams or not, can effect us at deeper levels and eventually physically.  We often don’t think about it but here are other issues that can eventually effect our bodies:

Stress at work or home
Emotional turmoil
Unresolved conflict
Relationship issues

Integrative Yoga Therapy promotes health and healing at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It can help with a wide range of issues that affect us in our life because it takes into consideration all aspects of who we are. Quite often people seek out yoga or yoga therapy because of physical issues but it can help with other areas of our health as well. Some of the reasons people have come to work with me in yoga therapy are:

Recovery from surgery or accident
Yoga/exercise injuries
Back injuries
Emotional issues/depression
Family issues
Private yoga
Body alignment issues
My role as a yoga therapist is to guide you, the student, on your path towards self-discovery and healing. There is no “prescribed” treatment for an ailment as each of you will be treated as the uniquely wonderful individual that you are. I will create a safe environment that allows you to explore, to learn and come home to your wholeness.

During the initial consultation with me, we will review your overall health, your health challenges and goals, your energy, stress levels and what areas in your life that you believe lead to stress. In your session you will begin to learn many of the different tools of yoga that you can utilize to heal. All treatment is developed through partnership between you and I to help you succeed in your goals.